Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Want a Chance to Interact With a Soldier in Iraq Tonight?

You can do just that tonight at 11 PM EST courtesy of Blog Talk Radio.
Think you have a hard time finding yarn? Join The Knitgrrl Show as we talk to US Army specialist Lorie Jewell live from Baghdad, where Lorie and her knitting friends will talk to us about knitting -- and life -- in the Green Zone.
BTR is a unique experience. Beside listening to a live radio show you can also interact with the host and participants via a live chat room and you can call in also.

Listen to The Knitgrrl Show on internet talk radio

To fully participate you will need to register and then when it is show time log in. If the audio portion doesn't work right away simply refresh.

So for those that would like a chance to get information first hand from somebody who is there and maybe get some knitting tips make time to tune in and if you feel inclined ask questions.

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