Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beating a Dead Horse, I Know: Clayton County School Board

I know I am beating a dead horse here, and I have written about many times but I just can't get over the arrogance of the school board in Clayton County. The schools are going to lose thier accreditation and The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)has given them until Sept 1 to get their act together. They simply refuse to do so. Only one member of the school board has stepped down despite the SACS making a condition that they all step down. Now to spit in the eye of the accreditation board again they have hired a new superintendent whom the SACS says is unacceptable.
A man previously deemed not qualified by Clayton County schools' accrediting agency has been named the school district's temporary superintendent.

The Clayton County school board voted 5-1 Wednesday night to hire John W. Thompson to help save the district's accreditation. Board Chairman Eddie White voted against the hire.
A little background on this guy.
Last month, Thompson withdrew his name from consideration; his attorney said at the time the board had refused to meet his demands. It was not clear if he had changed his mind Wednesday night.
And what were those demands? Why nothing any other county school superintendent wouldn't want.
Thompson initially asked Clayton for a $275,000 salary and up to $2 million for a consultant team, along with 24-hour security and 24-hour access to a car and driver, according to the district's search firm and someone who sat in on Thompson's interview.
So folks, seriously, if you are planning a move to the Atlanta area in the near future and you have school age children please avoid Clayton county. They are bent on self destruction and a lot of kids are going to wind up being hurt for their arrogance.

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