Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kos Kid: 'Uncle Tom' Obama

Of course, we can't call any of this racist, right? I mean, progressives can't be racist after all.

Psst. Dirty little secret. They're the biggest racists of all.

Anyway, this is pure hilarity.
I have been a huge supporter of Barack. He is the guy I've been behind for quite awhile now. Check my older diaries if you wonder about that. And while I've been steeling myself for a Barack loss in November, because I think the Repug machine is too good for him to beat, I had resigned myself to still working hard for him and for the Progressive cause!

But today something changed for me...

Today, the scales fell from my eyes and I saw Barack Obama for what he truly is: a weak man and a standard politician. I really never thought I would say this...

But I am disgusted with him!

This has been a strange year. From fighting against our staying in Iraq, to trying to find a way to get Al Gore to run for President, to despairing of the "inevitability" of Hillary, to finding Barack and feeling very invigorated by his message.

To today.

I just watched Barack throw someone who has been a huge part of his life overboard because a bunch of white-bread advisors told him he had to.

And why? Because white America was freaked out by a black preacher!

I thought Barack was going to lead us past that. I thought he was bigger than that. I thought he was different.

But NNNOOOOOOO! Now he is engaged in the worst kind of pandering. He has told us, in no uncertain terms, that he is no different than the Clintons: anyone who interferes with what you are doing gets thrown to the wolves.

And Barack didn't stop there. He threw every black man, woman and child overboard too! What Rev Wright has to say is what every black American believes: that racism is alive and well and living in white middle class America.
It goes on...

Just pathetic.

H/T Killgore Trout from LGF.

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