Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BBC Making Viewers Sick

I usually get sick just hearing the nonstop America-bashing. Apparently though, a redesign is now also making viewers queasy.
Viewers complained of dizziness and nausea as a £550,000 rebrand of the BBC’s news operation, featuring a swirling red globe, was broadcast for the first time.

BBC presenters struggled to keep pace with a day of upheaval as the News 24 channel was rebranded BBC News in an attempt to bring “coherence” to the sprawling operation.

Declan Curry, a business news presenter, promised to “put a pound in the swearbox” after mistakenly telling viewers they were watching News 24, before correcting himself.

Viewers were most exercised by the design changes to the BBC newsroom and the flashy new graphics. Unhappy bloggers compared the changes to the 2012 London Olympic Games logo, which attracted widespread derision.
There could actually be health issues here, believe it or not.
The response echoed the outcry when the BBC overhauled its weather map three years ago. One viewer complained that the new swirling globe induced dizziness. Others found the motion “nauseating” and said that it could prompt epileptic fits.
Here's a recommendation: Don't watch the Beeb. You won't get ill and you'll avoid the propaganda.

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