Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your DNC Superdelegate Profile of the Day

Today's spotlighted super delegate is Gov Joe Manchin (D-WV).

And of course what good is it to be a DNC super delegate if you don't have a scandal to boost your credentials?

The governor has a daughter. His daughter went to college. His daughter got a Masters degree. Well sort of.
Chastised for showing "seriously flawed" judgment in awarding the governor's
daughter a master's degree she didn't earn, West Virginia University is weighing
what must be done to recover from the scandal.

President Mike Garrison said late Wednesday it's unclear whether disciplinary action should be taken against the high-ranking academic officers who ordered a change in the academic records of Heather Bresch, daughter of Gov. Joe Manchin.

How long will it be before the Dems finally shut up with their whole moral superiority mantra? Is it in the by laws of the DNC that you must have some sort of scandal to get one of those highly coveted super delegates slots? Given the track record of so many of these folks are the Dems even sure that this group of people is who they want selecting their eventual presidential candidate?

How about the rest of America? The DNC must have "Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves" as a theme song for their convention.

Oh and the governors daughter? No need to worry she is doing just fine working for one of those evil pharmaceutical companies.
Bresch's academic record will revert to its original state. A master's degree is
not required for her job as chief operating officer of Mylan Inc., a generic
pharmaceutical company based in Pittsburgh.
Another one of those businesses and corporations the liberals rail against on a daily basis. Ain't that right, Michelle Obama?

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