Thursday, April 24, 2008

We Still Have Eliot Spitzer to Kick Around

Looks like the disgraced former governor of New York needed help in certain situations.
A second call girl has provided federal investigators with details of Eliot Spitzer's fondness for high-priced hookers, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The lady of the night, who was intimately acquainted with the disgraced governor's pay-for-play sessions, backs up details given to the feds by Ashley Alexandra Dupre, 22, a bombshell brunette who allegedly was a favorite Spitzer hooker, the sources said.

It's unclear whether the second woman was associated with Emperors Club VIP - the brothel that dispatched Dupre to entertain Spitzer in Washington, DC.

The owner and three employees of Emperors Club were indicted a week before word of Spitzer's involvement broke.

Spitzer - identified in the Emperors Club criminal complaint as "Client-9" - was caught Feb. 13 on a federal wiretap arranging for Dupre, whom he knew as "Kirsten," to be delivered to his room at the Mayflower Hotel.

In the complaint, "Kirsten" insisted she didn't find the ex-governor very "difficult," even though her madam warned that he might want "unsafe" sex.

Law-enforcement sources said Spitzer didn't like to wear a condom.

The second hooker-informant also told investigators Spitzer was fond of using sex toys to enhance his own pleasure, the sources said.

"The full portrait of Mr. Spitzer's sexual interests has yet to be told," one source said.
We're waiting. Start dishing.

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