Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Announces Plans to Accept Nomination in a Stadium

Democrat delegates pledge allegiance to presidential nominee Barack Obama

Well now isn't this special. Barack Obama has announced he his going to move his acceptance speech outdoors to Invesco Field in Denver which can seat upwards of 75,000 people. Ain't that special. It appears to be another vain attempt to mimic the JFK legacy. For me it is far more foreboding. 70 years ago there was another charismatic speaker who could enthrall audiences with his speeches in large venues also. That one didn't turn out so good.
Hey, it feels good to draw a comparison between a progressive with socialist leanings with another progressive who has socialist leanings, even if they did speak a different language. You could probably go on and make a ton of other comparisons between the two, from the messages they preach in their speeches to the people they associate with, even to their similar childhoods.
The sad part is if I actually post this, the Obama bots will quickly spam Blogger and then the guy who actually owns this site will be pissed because he will be shut down. Such is the state of free speech in America, the government giveth and private organizations taketh away, and since we already know that Google has no trouble shutting down dissenting voices, and this is their playground I had best leave it here as a draft, but ready to be posted as an "I told you so" should the opportunity arise.

Well I guess that time has arrived. This post was originally written on July 7, 2008.

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