Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sniveling Hypocrite Wexler Will Now Actually Pretend to Live in His District

Just imagine a Republican trying to get away with not having a residence in his own district.

I can't either.

But if you're a high prince of pomposity like the odious Robert Wexler, you can relax. You have the D after your name, so you can do whatever you want.

Besides, your idiot constituents will vote for you anyway, so you can just rent by the month until the election's over.
Rep. Robert Wexler is renting a home in his congressional district to quell criticism that his main residence is in the Washington suburbs.

Wexler said in a statement Tuesday that he knew some constituents were concerned after he said last week he hadn't had a South Florida home in 11 years. Wexler, his wife and three children have a home in Potomac, Md. Wexler uses his in-laws' house in a Florida retirement community to meet residency requirements.

The residency issue was raised by one of Wexler's opponents in the upcoming fall election, Republican Ed Lynch. Wexler, a Democrat, has represented parts of Palm Beach and Broward counties since 1997
It probably wouldn't make news for most Democrats, but since Wexler is one of the most annoying, grating and sanctimonious hacks on the scene, it's nice to see him squirm.

His in-laws are probably relieved too now that they don't have to collect his mail.

His spokesthing offers some really weak spin.
Eric Johnson, Wexler's chief of staff in Congress, said the critics' concerns about whether Wexler understands concerns about local tax levels don't wash.

"Not paying taxes here doesn't diminish his concern," Johnson said. "To claim otherwise would be like suggesting that since he's not 66 years of age and not on Medicare he couldn't be an articulate advocate [about Medicare]."

Johnson noted that Gov. Charlie Crist, who led the battle to pass the Amendment 1 property tax break that voters approved in January, isn't a homeowner.
That may be true, but at least he lives in the state, you fucking moron.

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