Thursday, July 24, 2008

Choosey People Choose Fox News

The thin skinned, arrogant, all knowing, unqualified for any office, Barry O aka Barack [middle name deleted] Obama whines about the presence of Fox news at the few stops he made in the Middle East and Europe that involved actual potential voters, also known as American service members. By now everybody knows he has decided to snub the service members at Landstuhl and Rammestein in favor of going on a shopping trip in Germany. Well the soldiers in Germany aren't the only ones he has little time for, per email over at Blackfive's place he seemed to have little time for those in Afghanistan and he is dodging a town hall meeting with service members and their families in the Ft Hood, TX area. For somebody who pretends to want to be the Commander in Chief, let that scary thought roll around in your brain for awhile, he sure has a funny way of showing it and a complete lack of understanding of just what powers that position has. Of course this is coming from someone who is on record as saying he would ignore the generals anyway and in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary pull our forces out of the engagements in Iraq. (Notice the date). Maybe he ought to spend less time with his transition team and more with the very people whole have pledged their lives to ensure that he is free to pursue his political ambitions.

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