Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Headline of the Day: 'Eating Penis Overshadows Leaked Olympics Opening Ceremony Video'

Maybe not just the day. This could be one for the archives.
WITH just eight days before the Beijing Olympics begin, not much could overshadow incredible leaked footage of the 2008 Games opening ceremony - until we got video of Garry Linnell eating a penis.

Lots of penises, to be honest. But more of that in a minute.

Oh, OK, it's a food thing...
The day I ate penis for lunch. By Garry Linnell.

Let's be honest.

We came to China not for the Olympics, or the promise of new democratic freedoms, or even the chance to buy some cheap electronic equipment and flog it off to friends for a profit back home.

No, we came here for the food, in all its bizarre, exotic glory. Take your pick.

Scorpion kebab? Roast dog leg? Deep fried worm? And for the absolutely fearless, what about the ham sandwich on offer at the Olympic media centre?

But nothing, surely, beats the diced, gristly thing dangling from my chopsticks.

Welcome to Guolizhuang, a Beijing restaurant specialising in animal penises and testicles.

The locals refer to it as a petrol station for men and a beauty parlour for women, so devoutly do they believe in the health-giving properties of animal genitals.
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Sounds rather, um, unappetizing.

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