Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nutroots Nation Gushes Over Algore

Sounds like the New York Times is handling Al Gore's PR.
After 40 minutes of questions with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Al Gore’s voice came over the public address system, and he suddenly appeared on stage, as the audience gasped, shrieked and gave him a standing ovation. As he began speaking, to rounds of applause, Mrs. Pelosi was overheard saying as an aside to the moderator, “Isn’t it exciting that he’s here?”

He is speaking this morning to more than 2,000 bloggers and others meeting at the Netroots Nation convention. His appearance here has been kept hush hush, with word only that a mystery guest would be coming on stage after a question
Memo the The Times: It's former Vice President.

Meanwhile, the brownshirts are eating their own. How dare a Democrat draw a paycheck from the evil Fox News!

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