Monday, July 28, 2008

Clueless Lehrer: What Obama Bias?

Safely ensconced in his media bubble, PBS anchor Jiom Lehrer laughably concludes there's no media bias toward Barack Obama.
Jim Lehrer, anchor of "The NewsHour" on PBS, doesn't believe the media are favoring Barack Obama.

"I don't see that," Lehrer, 74, told me. "There's an ebb and a flow to the news, and it will dictate how much news coverage there is going to be. The word 'bias' does not sit with me."
Well Mr. Lehrer, if the word "bias" does not sit well with you, does "in the tank for", "in love with", "adoring", "fawning" or "shill" work for you? Maybe Mr. Lehrer needs to watch Obama Love, which is nothing more than news and commentary clips from the same media that Lehrer sees as not biased.

Mr. Lehrer, when you have people like Chrissy Matthews talking about getting a tingle up their leg and wanting Obama's speaches equated with "The Great Gatsby", and others talking about how they can't stay objective, you are getting biased coverage.

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