Sunday, July 27, 2008

IOC Hack: Beijing Air Just as Bad as Los Angeles and Atlanta

Here's a look at the dense smog enveloping Beijing less than two weeks before the Olympics begin.
With only 11 days to go until the start of the Beijing Olympics, this was the smoggy scene in the Chinese capital yesterday.

Visibility was down to half a mile in some parts, including the National Stadium, while the Athletes' Village complex could not be seen from the nearby Olympic Green.
The athletes are in fear of the polluted air.

Now an IOC nitwit claims it's just more mist than smog and ludicrously claim the air in Atlanta and Los Angeles was just as bad.

Du was supported by Dr. Patrick Schamasch, an orthopedic surgeon who is the IOC's medical and scientific director. Schamasch said the IOC was monitoring Beijing's air. He said particulate matter on Sunday "was a little bit higher than what's expected but nothing dramatic."

He said readings for ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide fell within 2005 guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

He did not disclose the exact levels, saying it was not the IOC's practice.

"Today there is nothing critical preventing an athlete from running, except the visibility," he said. "I can tell you it's mist more than smog."

Schamasch said conditions were "not worse" than in other cities that hosted the games, mentioning Los Angeles, Atlanta and Athens.
Someone needs to clue this idiot into the fact runners might be aided by visibility. You know, in order to see where they're going.

Update: Thanks to Doug Ross for linking. He's unearthed a slew of additional photos. More also from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.

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