Monday, July 21, 2008

Messiah's Poll Slide Continues

More bleak news for Barack Obama. I wonder if his media handlers will even bother to mention this?
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 42% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. That’s the lowest level of support measured for Obama since he clinched the Democratic Presidential nomination on June 3. Obama’s support peaked at 48% with data released on June 8, 9, and 10. During that same time frame, McCain’s support has remained steady in the 40% to 42% range (he’s had just one day a point below that range and two days a point above it).

When "leaners" are included, it’s Obama 46% and McCain 45%. With leaners, Obama reached 50% support in mid-June and was at 48% or 49% every day from June 13 until July 10. Since then, he has reached the 48% level just once while polling consistently at 46% or 47%. McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of voters, Obama by 53%. McCain is currently supported by 86% of Republicans and holds a modest--four percentage point—lead among unaffiliated voters. Obama earns the vote from 77% of Democrats.
So while McCain isn't exactly lighting the world on fire, he's getting more support from the GOP base than Obama is from Democrats. Receiving only 77% at this juncture is a very troublesome sign, and you can bet those are mostly Hillary Clinton supporters.

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