Sunday, July 27, 2008

'F- - - Washington, F- - - Obama and F- - - You'

So now we have Barack Obama running some secret diplomatic missions while on his world tour.

Probably won't do any good, but here's the story.

There's a lesson to be learned, especially for naive American women. Don't marry Palestinians under some absurd belief you or your kids will be allowed to practice your own religious beliefs.
Barack Obama carried out a secret assignment during his global tour last week.

While talking about the Middle East peace process in the West Bank Wednesday, the presumptive Democratic nominee slipped a note to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

The private message: Help an anguished Chicago mother get her daughters back.

Obama detailed the plight of Colleen Bargouthi, 36. She says that for the last year, her four daughters have been held in the Palestinian territories, made to wear headdresses and schooled in Islam by their Muslim father, Yasser Shibli.

Obama asked Fayyad's help in Colleen's fight to get her girls home after their Palestinian dad blocked them from returning from what was to be a six-week family trip to his hometown of Ramallah on the West Bank.

"According to Colleen, [her husband] hit her, kept her as a virtual prisoner in her in-laws' home and menaced her with guns," the note reads.

The husband promised he "would return the girls if she went home and found a job and a place for the family.

"Yasser Shibli Bargouthi has since told Colleen that her daughters will never be allowed to leave to return to their mother. I would ask that the minister of justice look into this case."

Obama also asked the US consul general in Jerusalem, Jacob Welles, to investigate and work with Fayyad.

Colleen had taken her case to the Chicago media and met with Obama's camp. But she was unaware of his efforts until contacted by The Post.

An Obama staffer called Colleen Thursday saying that Fayyad had vowed to look into the situation.

"I can't believe it. I am so amazed and pleased," she said.
Yasser Shibli Bargouthi isn't so pleased.
Not long after she got word from Obama's camp about his efforts, the phone rang again. It was her estranged husband.

He reportedly told her, "F- - - Washington, f- - - Obama and f- - - you."
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