Friday, July 25, 2008

Messiah Criticized

In what must be an effort to appear impartial, SPIEGEL International includes a quote that criticizes the speech given by the new fuehrer Messiah yesterday before the Siegessäule.
Klaus Bölling, a former government spokesman under ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, told SPIEGEL ONLINE: "It was a sermon and an unsuccessful one at that. The intellectual gulf between him and John F. Kennedy could not be overlooked. Apart from the niceties and talk about Berliners' love of freedom, there wasn't a single original thought. Instead, there was just a feeling of 'All people should become brothers.' A world without nuclear weapons? Nice idea, but if Obama gets elected that becomes nothing more than rhetoric."
Heh. Polite way of saying, "Just words. Just speeches."
"In America the demystification process of the candidate has already beguan and continues. Our politicians -- especially our chancellor -- will have noticed that Obama can't convincingly pull off trying to look like a fount of new ideas for the Western world. But, in this country, it's not a very popular thing to say out loud."
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