Monday, July 28, 2008

Cops Mistaken for Strippers

This is one of those side perks for the male officers, assuming they keep themselves fit.
Two German police officers responding to a complaint about loud party noise on Saturday night were met with cheers and applause from the guests who mistook them for male strippers.

"A young woman was giving a party and there seems to have been some confusion initially because the partygoers thought the two officers were a strip act," a spokesman for the police in the south-western town of Simmern told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Monday.

Male strippers often dress as policemen and the line "We've been called to investigate a disturbance" can serve as a cue for them to discard their uniforms and perform an erotic dance.

Not this time though. "The misunderstanding was swiftly resolved and calm was restored," the spokesman said. "And there was no theft of any parts of the uniforms."
I hope they were smart enough to return when their shift was finished.

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