Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dems Slip in Congressional Poll; McCain and Obama Now Tied

It's doubtful Barack Obama's media cheerleaders will notice since they're so in the tank for their guy, but the poll numbers for The Messiah have been steadily eroding the past two weeks to where he and Senator McCain are now tied, according to the latest Rasmussen numbers. If you look at the daily numbers the past two weeks, you'll notice Obama's six-point edge has disappeared.

How is this happening with all the slavish attention for Obama's world tour?

Well, it could be people are so turned off by the fawning coverage of Obama, which has gotten so ridiculous in recent days to the point where even the leftist media is noticing how out of control it is.

Meanwhile, the generic Congressional ballot, which had the Democrats up 14 points last month has now eroded to nine points.

Hmm. Might the public finally be realizing what a lousy job the Pelosi Congress has been doing?

It may finally have occurred to those complaining about $4 a gallon gas that they may wind up paying much more with a No-Drill Congress and a pliable President Obama?

Just imagine if the media coverage of Obama and McCain were anywhere near remotely fair and balanced.

Update: Instapundit links. Thanks!

Also, it appears even the German socialists are becoming disenchanted with Obama. I guess being all things to all people is leaving him stretched thin.

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