Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going ... Going ... Gone! Obama 'Bounce' Evaporates

Apparently there was something to the Gallup/USA Today poll showing John McCain ahead by four points among likely voters. Now today's Rasmussen daily tracking poll has the Obama lead shrinking to two points, and only one point if you count leaners.
Polling on Thursday and Friday nights was very strong for the Democrat, leading to a six-point advantage in our Saturday morning release. However, polling for the past three days shows no trace of a bounce. The data looks very similar to results from the period preceding the speech and, with fourteen weeks to go, the race for the White House is a toss-up.
Just three days ago following Obama's well-orchestrated media tour of Europe his lead was six points.

So for all the sycophantic coverage, for all the denigrating of John McCain, for all the endless magazine puff pieces, Obama is watching it all disappear, unable to get to 50%.

Can you say empty suit, boys and girls?

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