Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saudis Arrest 55 at 'Gay Party'

Those vice police are keeping busy over in Saudi Arabia.
RIYADH: Police have arrested 55 people at a party allegedly held by homosexuals at a farm near Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia.

David Dicang, the Philippine Embassy’s labor attaché in charge of the Eastern Province, said, “I know that some Filipinos have been arrested in that area and we are trying to help them.”

He said he could not comment on the nature of the case. “ I can’t confirm or deny reports that are circulating in the media...I am working with the police to help the detained Filipino workers,” said Dicang.

According to a report on Al-Arabiya TV, two young men were allegedly found wearing women’s makeup and dancing on stage in what has been described as a gay party.

The report said the detainees were handcuffed when arrested.

According to police, drugs and alcohol were found at the farm and that many of those arrested were Filipinos and Pakistanis.

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