Saturday, July 26, 2008

Egobama Defends World Tour of Self-Congratulation

It's finally occurred to the idiot his weeklong photo op may backfire.

Now he gets back to babbling about gas prices. Not sure if this schmuck realizes they've been going down.

You suppose this jerk has even even pumped a gallon of gas in his entire life?
Presidential contender pretender Barack Obama defended his decision to travel to Europe and the Middle East on Saturday, saying that problems encountered by Americans at home are often best dealt with by working with allies overseas.

Obama, who spoke to reporters after wrapping up talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, said he wasn't sure if there would be any immediate political impact from the trip — and that he wouldn't be surprised if there was a dip in some of the polls in the week since he left home. People in America, he said, are worried about gas prices and home foreclosures.

"The reason that I thought this trip was important is that I am convinced that many issues that we face at home are not going to be solved as effectively unless we have strong partners abroad," he said. "And unless we get a handle on Iraq and Afghanistan, not only are we going to be less safe, but it's also going to be a huge drain on resources."

Obama said he and Brown discussed a wide range of issues, such as climate change, terrorism and financial markets.

"The prime minister's emphasis — like mine — is on how we can strengthen the trans-Atlantic relationship to solve problems that can't be solved by any single country individually," he said.
What, like kicking ass by ourselves when necessary?

When we crushed the Soviets without firing a single shot, who was it who pitched in with that effort?

Oh, yes, nobody. It was Ronald Reagan who did that, no thanks to your party, Barry. Reagan, the man you failed to mention when you showed up for your fundraiser after the free concert in Berlin the other day.


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