Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Memo to Customs: Beware of Containers Labeled 'Gay Lube Oil'

I guess when you're an operation smuggling steroids out of Thailand, there's always the potential to have some language snafus when translating to English. But you might want to put someone on the payroll with at least a semblance of a clue and coherent command of the language.

Otherwise you commit a blunder so laughable even a sleeping customs inspector would have his radar (or is it gaydar?) ringing.
Australian Customs has seized more than 100 bottles containing illegal liquid steroids hidden inside sexual lubricant packaging.

Customs is investigating the sophisticated drug smuggling network after the bottles, labelled as "gay lube oil", were seized in five states since the start of the year.

The bottles contain prohibited performance and image enhancing drugs from Thailand.

Customs national manager of investigations Richard Janeczko said the so-called gay lube oil contained various active ingredients including testosterone and deca durabolin.

He said these drugs could not be imported into Australia without a permit from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

"Despite the professionalism of this smuggling operation, Customs officers were not fooled by the labelling and its misdescription," Mr Janeczko said today in a statement.
Regular supersleuths they've got there.

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