Monday, July 28, 2008

Democrat Family Values: Louisiana State Senator Beats Up and Robs Girlfriend, Then Gets a Lapdance

Of course after the fallout, he says it was just a misunderstanding.
A spokesman for state Senator Derrick Shepherd says he's expected to issue a public statement today with his ex-girlfriend, Thaise Ashford, about an incident in which the senator was arrested Saturday.

Allan Katz said Shepherd would say the incident was a misunderstanding and that they are still good friends. Jefferson Parish 1st. Assistant District Attorney Steve Wimberly wouldn't comment on whether this would have any bearing on the case.

Shepherd was arrested Saturday and booked with simple battery and theft over 500 dollars charges by the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office. Investigators described the argument as "violent" and that Ashford claimed he grabbed her by the arms and hit her in the stomach.
Naturally, he's not identified as a Democrat in this story.

Anyway, after the misunderstanding, Shepherd proceeded to have a couple of women over his place, one of whom was performing a lapdance, as noted by Conservative Punk.
Shepherd, D-Marrero, was arrested around 6:45 p.m. Saturday and booked with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, simple battery and theft over $500.

Shepherd was arrested at his residence in Stonebridge. The sheriff's office said there were two women in the house, one of whom appeared to be performing a lap dance on Shepherd, who was on a sofa.
This isn't the latest misunderstanding for Shepherd. Just recently he was indicted on federal money-laundering charges.

Surely just another misunderstanding.

Well now, in the time you could say corrupt Democrat, we find out Shephard won't be apologizing for anything.
A spokesman for state Sen. Derrick Shepherd said this afternoon that the senator had reneged on plans to publicly apologize for a fight with his ex-girlfriend that landed him in jail this weekend.

Allan Katz said Shepherd no longer planned to release a statement about an incident with ex-girlfriend Thaise Ashford, 29, who told police that the senator punched her in the stomach and stole $100 and her cell phone.

Katz said this morning that Shepherd would issue a public apology today saying he "deeply regret(s) that a private disagreement got out of hand and mushroomed into a major news story." The spokesman also said Ashford planned to drop charges and announced that the two had resolved their issues amicably.
Just another wacky weekend in the life of a Louisiana Democrat.

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