Friday, March 06, 2009

America's Next Supermodel Serves Up Lunch to the Homeless

Considering liberals look at America and see a soup line, this seems rather appropriate.

According to sources, she served up a steaming plate of misery.
The First Lady surprised diners by serving up lunch at Miriam's Kitchen, in the basement of the Western Presbyterian Church in Foggy Bottom, which has been serving warm meals to the homeless for 26 years.

As she served guests at the kitchen, Mrs Obama said that she hoped to set an example for other potential volunteers. Acknowledging that the need for free meals has risen in the midst of the economic downturn, she said Americans should focus on community service. If people could not afford to donate food or money, they should donate time instead, she said.

''There is a moment in time when each and every one of us needs a helping hand,'' she said after leaving the serving station. ''Miriam's Kitchen has become a place where so many people have been able to find that helping hand.''
Actually, sweetie, we don't all need a helping hand, although if your husband continues to drive the economy further into the ground, we just may.

I might add it's nice to see even our down-on-their-luck homeless guys have picture phones.

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