Thursday, March 05, 2009

People Paid By The Taxpayers Don't Pay Taxes

Jammie posted earlier about the 22 lawmakers in Georgia who are having tax problems, but that is really only the tip of the iceberg. An investigation has discovered that there at least 800 people in the metro Atlanta area who may not have paid taxes and half of them, 400, work for the city of Atlanta. It seems that if you get a paycheck funded by the taxpayers there is no need for you pay taxes.

I know when I was in the Army we used to joke that every three months we paid our salaries. Yes, military members pay taxes, so in essence they pay themselves. Apparently this doesn't extend to civilian employees who get gubmint checks.

If you thought not paying taxes is just for Obama appointees, think again. Are you beginning to see where there sense of entitlement mentality comes from?

The problem in Georgia is not just with city employees. There is at least 10% of our state legislators, 22 in total, who are also either behind or have failed to pay taxes.

The local news folks are trying to find out just who they are and no doubt some on the Obama team are looking forward eagerly so that they can fill those second and third level administration jobs.

Oh, and by the way, if you think the taxes on your active duty pay are high, wait until you retire. Boy, does Uncle Sam have a surprise for you, which is why I have a full time job.

UPDATE: The bodies are starting to hit the floor. All Dems so far. In addition to Mr Brown cited in Jammies earlier post we now have State Reps. Al Williams, Winfred Dukes and Roberta Abdul Salaam.

Williams, D-Midway, called the allegations he owed more than $42,000 in taxes "crap" and said his accountant concluded the state actually owes him $400.

Dukes, D-Albany, said he sent a check for $828.70 Thursday morning. He called it a "misunderstanding" over unearned income that wasn't reported.
Salaam, a Riverdale Democrat who owes more than $600, was not at the Legislature Thursday and could not immediately be reached for comment.

4 down 18 to go.

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