Friday, August 14, 2009

Brooklyn Mobsters: 'You Are Bankrupting Our Country. You Guys are Crooks'

Angry, un-American evil-monger dares to question a Democrat

Keep in mind as you read this that Anthony Weiner's district votes overwhelmingly for him every two years, and prior to that it was Chuckie Scumer's Congressional seat, so we're talking about the bluest of blue districts. This isn't a bunch angry rednecks (as the media would call them) venting their spleens. These are hardcore urban Democrats and they seemingly don't want any part of this health care fiasco.
Rep. Anthony Weiner got an earful from a room full of rowdy - and hungry - Brooklyn seniors on Thursday demanding answers about health care reform.

The Democratic congressman, who represents Brooklyn and Queens, showed up at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Midwood just before noon for a town hall meeting on President Obama's health care plan.

What he found was about 60 senior citizens fed up with the confusion surrounding the details of the President's plan to provide affordable health care for all Americans - and eager to eat lunch.

"I came to eat and I came to eat on time," said David Figman, an 84-year-old retired postal worker. "They are having chicken marsala today and the food is good."

Before lunch was served, Weiner took about a dozen questions from the group, including a heated claim that the plan was "Communist."

"Are we going to have a say in this or are we becoming a Communist country?" demanded a 61-year-old man named Bill. "I've never heard of a government program that doesn't explode in costs. This is a joke."

One elderly man yelled out, "It's a Socialist country!" Others clapped.

Weiner tried to calm them down.

"Let's turn down the rhetoric," he pleaded.

One senior wanted to know how the government would pay for a program to cover some 47 million uninsured Americans.

"Where are the doctors and nurses going to come from to cover all these new people?" he asked.

Sheryl Debling, who declined to give her age, but was not a member of the senior center, came to the meeting to get some answers.

"Where is the money going to come from?" she asked. "You are bankrupting our country. You guys are crooks."

"You have a lot of good talking points," Weiner told her, clearly frustrated.
It's not only the fact people are very suspicious of government taking over an entire industry that's dooming this scheme, but it's the smug arrogance, the imperious pomposity of the Weiners of the world that will relegate this to the dustbin. Here you have a man whose entire career is based on focus group talking points and tired liberal cliches whining that someone is using talking points, as if a constituent who's speaking his or her mind is carefully coached on what to say in public like Weiner is.

The Democrats are playing a very dangerous game here with the constant references to people being un-American, racist and evil-mongers, all simply for exercising their freedom of speech. A slippery slope they may not be happy to be riding down pretty soon if they don't wise up and start respecting the very people they work for.

Meanwhile, speaking of the loathsome Schumer, he's apparently too gutless to even have a town hall meeting. Dittos for New York's junior senator.

Itching to unload on Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand at a town hall meeting on health care reform?

You're out of luck.

Aides to the New York Democrats told the Daily News they won't be sponsoring any town hall meetings on health care. Instead, they will be touring the state and soliciting opinions in more informal settings. "During recess, as he does every year, Sen. Schumer will be in over 20 counties across New York City and state talking with thousands of constituents, discussing the issues that are important to them," Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto said.
Somehow I doubt people will be getting advance notice of Chuckie's appearances. After all, we know what happens when someone asks Chuckie a difficult question.

So here you have the two Democrat senators of one of the largest states in the nation and they're too cowardly to even meet their constitents in a formal setting to discuss the single biggest political issue in years.

Sheer cowardice.

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