Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cowardly NYC Dem Phones It In

You would think a guy who represents the Upper West Side of Manhattan wouldn't be afraid to face his constituents when it comes to discussing ObamaCare.

Think again. Rotund Representative Jerrold Nadler apparently fears the Birkenstock brigade that populates his district may not be down with socialized medicine.

If you've lost the Upper West Side, then things aren't quite going according to plan.
New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler is having his first health-care town-hall forum on Monday night -- it just won't be with any actual people in the room.

The Democratic congressman will hold a "telephone town hall," where Manhattan and Brooklyn constituents who have been calling his district office to talk about health-care reform will get return calls.

The method allows Nadler to hold a forum without potentially encountering the protesters who have spoken out at other health-care reform events around the country.
Profiles in courage. I bet if some folks said they were bringing doughnuts Nadler would gladly have them come to his office.

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