Monday, August 10, 2009

My Congressman, David Scott (D-GA) Loses It At Townhall

I was not there. There was somebody from Pat Dollard's group that was there, but was not allowed to enter the meeting with a camera, however, it seems the City of Douglasville did indeed tape it.
U.S. Rep. David Scott (D-13th) was involved in what many called an embarrassing display of losing his temper at a town hall meeting in Douglasville last weekend.

In the meeting, Scott lost his temper and began yelling at a crowd that included two people who came forward during the question-and-answer portion of the meeting to ask Scott about his stance on the health care plan proposed by the White House and being debated on Capitol Hill.
Here are the links to the videos of Mr David Scott (D-GA/13) losing his temper at the crowd gathered. He was unwilling to take any questions on the healthcare legislation, and in fact from what I heard, refused to take questions on anything other then how he managed to slip in earmarks into legislation to bring the bacon home. He couldn't figure out why folks weren't real happy with that news either. Dammit, don't the peasants know when their vote is being bought?

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