Monday, August 10, 2009

Obamamedia Goes on HealthScare Offensive

Good grief, it's as if this supposedly objective news item were written by the White House.

Talk about state-run media.
President Obama plans to switch to the offensive on health care this week.

Stung by right-wing shout attacks, the popular President will barnstorm to rally support for his reform plan.

"People are saying crazy things right now," White House health care spokeswoman Linda Douglass said Sunday.

"Trying to discuss [it] in a civil way right now is extremely important for people's lives," she said on CNN's "Reliable Sources."
Is calling us un-American civil, Linda?

As for Obama being popular, has Daily News hack Kenneth Bazinet seen any polls lately?

But wait, there's still more Democrat talking points to regurgitate.
The White House is urging Democrats to hold town halls to counter the loud crowds mobilized by right-wing talk radio.

Obama's political operatives claim an upside to the screaming mobs at town halls is that crucial independent voters are turned off by the tactic. "They didn't like what they were hearing," an insider said.
Oh, really?

For one short "news" story it's amazing how many Obama/DNC talking points were jammed in there: Screaming mobs, right-wing talk radio, crazy, shout attacks and, most laughably, that Obama is still popular.

Media bias? What media bias?

Update: Should the Daily News White House stenographer need some help, maybe he can look at this report chock full of screaming mobs and shout attacks.

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