Monday, March 01, 2010

When Democrats Attack: White Plains Mayor Busted for Assaulting His Wife, Time to Play Name That Party

Of course if your source of information is the New York Times you'd have to play guess that party. Yes, the New York Times, the same paper that employs Frank Rich, the man who links suicidal Communist sympathizers to the Tea Party. I guess when they know the party of the person involved it's not relevant.

Well, at the least the New York Daily News mentions the fact Adam Bradley is a Democrat, even if they wait until the last sentence of the story. They and the NY Post are the only sources I can find practicing ethical journalism in this case.
The mayor of White Plains was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault Sunday after slamming a door on his wife's finger, cops said.

While acknowledging "problems in my marriage," Mayor Adam Bradley denied any wrongdoing Sunday night and insisted he would not resign.

"This unfortunate matter will in no way affect my commitment to the important work I am doing for this great city," Bradley said after his arraignment in White Plains City Court on a third-degree assault charge.

In the latest embarrassing incident involving a New York politician, Bradley's wife of seven years, Fumiko, told cops her left middle finger was injured Saturday night when her husband closed a door on her hand.

Fumiko Bradley refused to publicly discuss the incident, telling The Journal News her husband is "a great mayor" and "a great father."

"He put himself under a lot of pressure and I couldn't handle that, too," she added.
Just consider the unimaginable pressure of being the Mayor of White Plains. It's a wonder how he soldiers on.

The Associated Press also doesn't find it relevant that he's a Democrat. Neither does WABC TV, nor the local Westchester paper, the Lower Hudson News, nor does 1010 WINS.

Safe to say if he were a Republicans it would be in the first paragraph of every story.

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