Friday, July 30, 2010

Aww: Eddie Munster Finds His True Love

Well, it only took four decades, but love has conquered all. Sadly, Fred Gwynne is no longer with us to share the special moment.
t looks like there will be another big celebrity wedding in the Philadelphia area, as former "Munsters" star Butch Patrick is getting hitched.

Patrick, 57, is marrying former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Donna McCall in the near future.

How serious is the relationship? Patrick has moved to West Chester, Pa., in advance of the wedding.

McCall, 55, told a newspaper in western Pennsylvania she had corresponded with Patrick when "The Munsters" was on TV, and she tracked him down before a science-fiction convention this spring near Johnstown, Pa.

McCall also told the National Enquirer that she is a retired pharmacist who was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader from 1976 to 1979.

On May 9, the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat interviewed McCall at the convention.

McCall said she drove from the Philadelphia area to meet Patrick.

“My first crush was Butch Patrick,” she said.
Mine was Marilyn. I wonder whatever happened to her?

Update: Well, thanks to reader Johnston we found out what happened to Marilyn. Man, that Instapundit has some scary tentacles.

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