Thursday, July 22, 2010

'I Want to Get the Leading Role as the Monkey King'

Some guys will do anything to be the Monkey King.
One of the world's hairiest men is to have plastic surgery - because he thinks his nose is too big.

Yu Zhenghuan, renowned in China as 'Hairy Man', is covered in thick black hair with the exception of his forehead and fingertips.

Quirky China News reports the hirsute celebrity has decided to go under the knife after being turned down for the part of 'The Monkey King' in a Chinese TV drama, on the grounds that his nose was too large.

"I could only get a supporting role as a monkey," a downcast Yu explained. "I want to get the leading role as the Monkey King."

Surgeons at the Military Guangxi General Hospital hope his nose op will not only land him his dream part, but clear the thick hair in his nostrils which causes Yu breathing difficulties.

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