Thursday, July 22, 2010

'My Mother Suggested I File the Penis Down a Bit'

Ouch. That hurts just thinking about it.
The penis has been snapped off the statue of an angel at a top fashion designer's family grave plot.

Visitors to the Bornstedt cemetery in Germany have been annoyed by Wolfgang Joop's stone angel with a protruding manhood since its erection in 2008.

Despite the desecration, Joop says he has no plans to fix the statue at his family's plot, though he has filed a complaint with police who are now hunting the vandal.

Joop said: "This is a desecration of a cemetery, snapping off an angel's stone penis is just not done."

CEN reports he had the mournful winged angel moved from his garden to the cemetery after the death of his father. Many visitors objected and even his mother, who died in May this year, wasn't happy about the artwork.

"My mother suggested I file the penis down a bit," Joop said just days before the theft. "But I didn't do that and for a time ladies would walk past and place a seasonal flower on the penis to cover it up."

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