Thursday, July 22, 2010

NAACP Announces Appointment of Director of Racial Healing

Surely after the lovely and charming Ieshuh Griffin is done promoting racial harmony with those nice folks at the NAACP then Barack Obama can appoint her to a cabinet level position. After all, anyone who says she's 'NOT the 'whiteman's b----' is eminently qualified to reach out to help soothe the racial strife in America.
A legislative candidate from Wisconsin can't use a profane, racially charged phrase to describe herself on the ballot, an election oversight board decided Wednesday.

Ieshuh Griffin, an independent running for a downtown Milwaukee seat in the state Assembly, wants to use the phrase, "NOT the 'whiteman's b----.'"

But the state's Government Accountability Board voted to bar that wording, agreeing with a staff recommendation that it is pejorative and therefore not allowed.

State law allows independent candidates to have five words describing themselves placed after their names on the ballot as long as it's not pejorative, profane, discriminatory or includes an obscene word or phrase.

Griffin, who is black, argued her case to the five white, retired judges on the board that regulates elections. She said the phrase was protected free speech.

"It's a freedom of expression," she said. "It's not racial. It's not a slur."
Isn't post-racial America wonderful?

Via Hot Air.

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