Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shocker! Obama's Arizona Approval Plummets to 28%

Frankly I'm surprised it's that high. Heck, even Democrats there are abandoning this miserable failure.
Three months after Barack Obama became president, 51 percent of this state’s voters gave him the thumbs up. Now, for the first time, more Arizonans dislike him than like him.

A new poll out this weekend says that only 28 percent of Arizonans approve of his job performance. This, down from 40 percent in January. Meanwhile, 39 percent of Arizonans say Obama is doing a poor or very poor job.

I’m guessing his decision to sue us might have something to do with his latest numbers. The poll shows independents fleeing from the guy (22 percent are still with him), and a fair number of Democrats as well (52 percent still like him, down from 85 percent in April 2009).

Of course, Republicans never liked him to begin with and they like him even less now. Somewhere in this state, 8 percent of GOPers rate Obama as doing a good or very good job. Who’d have thought it?

"It is very likely that the President did not help his overall image by jumping into the illegal immigrant/immigration reform issue that is raging in Arizona," pollster Earl DeBerg wrote. "For the first time in Arizona, President Barack Obama’s job ratings have a net negative balance."
The loneliest job in America come 2012 may be Obama's Arizona campaign manager.

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