Monday, July 19, 2010

Grating Douchebag Tim Robbins Faces His Midlife Crisis

He plans on doing what every normal guy does when they pass 50: Record an album.

This is sure to sell dozens of copies.
As Oscar-winning star Tim Robbins started going through a mid-life crisis, he started thinking about what he hadn't done yet. That led him to write an album of songs that he is set to release later this year.

"I was thinking about calling it 'The MidLife Crisis Album', but then I thought that's not going to sell any copies," Robbins was quoted as saying in The Telegraph . "Then I thought, 'How about Songs of Love and Misery'?"

Robbins, 51, speaking to BBC Radio, said his midlife crisis came after "insanity" that followed the collapse of a film project.

He said he started asking himself what would make him happy and what he hasn't done that he regrets not doing.

"A midlife crisis – I think we all go through something, it's inevitable, it's unavoidable," he said. "You're staring some kind of frightening thing down. It's when you pass 40, inherently we double your age when we think about life.
WTF is this guy babbling about? Dude, you're 51. Grow up and move on with your life. Pretending to be some rock-and-roller now isn't going to make you feel any younger. These preening Hollywood twits think nobody else on the planet has ever turned 50 and thought about the lives facing them.

It happens to everyone, Timmy. Get over yourself and enjoy your riches. But no, can't do that.
Robbins, an outspoken political activist, also spoke of his disappointment at the growing "slavery" of Hollywood stars to the entertainment industry, where he said actors were increasingly afraid of the risks in speaking out on social and political issues.

He said: "That's unfortunate. It didn't use to be that way. I don't believe you are free if you are measured and careful in what you say because you feel that will make you richer or more famous. I think there's a slavery in that."
Hollywood actors are afraid to speak out? What planet is this guy living on? Their problem isn't speaking out. It's their inability to shut up.

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