Friday, July 30, 2010

Suckers Shell Out $30K to Dine With Obama and He Eats Alone

What did these people expect for their $30,000 contribution, to actually dine with King Obama?

The big spenders who shelled out $30,400 a head for dinner with President Obama at the Four Seasons restaurant and at Anna Wintour's house didn't actually break any bread with him.

After starting Tuesday night at a dinner for 60 high-rolling Democratic supporters hosted by hedge-fund billionaire Marc Lasry, Obama headed to a private room at the Four Seasons to wolf down steak, potatoes and broccoli with two aides before heading to Wintour's Greenwich Village home.

Obama arrived at the Four Seasons at 5 p.m. Spies said he gave a short speech and schmoozed with 60 attendees, including Lasry and Joan Ganz Cooney, wife of Blackstone Group's Pete Peterson, and ex-Martha Stewart CEO Sharon Patrick, sitting briefly at each table before dining alone.
His Highness later headed to yet another fundraiser at hosted by Wintour, where he talked fashion. The man has his priorities in order, not to mention a massive ego. His sheer charm is going to win over voters, he claims.
"One table wanted to talk about politics, but a lot of people wanted to talk about stimulating jobs in the fashion industry," said an insider. "Obama was interested in what they had to say, talked about fashion and mentioned his suit designer in Chicago." Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett trailed the president throughout the evening. "She sat at all the tables and took copious notes on what they were saying," said our source.

Obama also gave a brief speech, saying he's not worried about his low poll numbers and he plans to tour the nation to drive the message home to voters about his administration's achievements so far. "I've got my message across before and I'll do it again. This I know how to do," he said.
Millions of people are out of work due to his disastrous economic policies yet he gets to schmooze about his personal suit designer.

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