Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jobless Giving Up on Obama Economy

The unemployment numbers are improving slightly, but mainly due to the fact that folks are giving up hope and not looking for work anymore.
Most states across the country saw an improvement in employment in June as jobless rates dropped from the previous month, according to government data released on Tuesday. But that's mostly because many people gave up on their work searches and were no longer counted.

In all, 39 states and the District of Columbia saw their rates decrease in April from the previous month. Only five states saw increases and six states had no change in their unemployment, according to the Labor Department.

But only 21 states saw net job gains in June, the government said. That compared to 41 the previous month and it was the fewest for the year.

The decline in job gains reflects the layoff of thousands of temporary census workers, who inflated total payrolls in May and then reduced them in June.

It's also a sign that businesses aren't hiring many new workers. Nationwide, private employers added a net gain of only 83,000 jobs last month.
The cold hard reality is that job prospects are so bad that many folks have just flat out given up looking and have no hope of finding a job. Therefore, they fall out of the numbers.

You know, when Obama and Biden promised to lower the unemployment numbers, I don't think Joe Sixpack thought they were going to do it this way. But such is the reality of living under a socialist government.

One thing though: If they keep extending the unemployment benefits, we will have a permanent class of people on the dole, much like the socialist countries in Europe that the left loves so much. Of course, those countries generally have chronically high unemployment and little economic growth. Who knows, maybe we can become like Cuba and have an average annual per capita income of $20.

In any event, just understand that as the MSM touts the dropping unemployment numbers in their ongoing whoring out for the Obama administration, it's because of folks giving up hope and not even trying to find a job anymore.

That's the hope and change you can believe in.

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