Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazed Sex Poodle Cleared of Assault Charges

Can't say I'm surprised. Having that "D" after your name pretty much gives you carte blanche to do as you please.
Former Vice President Al Gore did not commit acts of sexual harassment "appropriate for criminal prosecution," according to office of the district attorney of Portland, Oregon, which has been investigating allegations that Gore made unwanted advances to a masseuse at a Portland hotel in 2006.

An Oregon woman, Molly Hagerty, claimed that Gore propositioned her and tried to hug her when she came to his hotel room to give him a massage.

But Senior Deputy District Attorney Don Rees, in a memo to the D.A., Michael D. Schrunk, wrote that Hagerty gave no indication afterwards that she was upset, as she later claimed.
At least we still have ManBearPig to kick around.
Gore had been accused by masseuse Molly Hagerty of trying to take advantage of her sexually while she was giving him a massage in his hotel room in 2006.

Hagerty came forward with her story in the wake of Gore's split from wife Tipper this year, and told her tale to the National Enquirer.

"Al Gore is a pervert and sexual predator," she told the tabloid. "He turned from Mr. New Age into a pervert...He grabbed me in a big bear-hug embrace from behind and began mauling my breasts."
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