Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama Kiss of Death Effect: TX Dem Gubernatorial Candidate to Skip Fundraisers

Considering Obama's track record of perfection in recent elections, it's probably wise for this guy to skip town when the Golfer-in-Chief shows up. He's roadkill anyway, but it sure is a reflection of growing unpopularity.
As I reported last night on the Postcards blog, Democratic sources say President Barack Obama will be in Austin and Houston on Aug. 9 for a pair of fundraisers. And Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White doesn’t plan to be there.

Said White spokeswoman Katy Bacon, “That week is jam packed, and he’s not scheduled to be in Houston or Austin at all except for the night of the 12th. In August, Bill will be talking with Texans about the future of our state, laying out his plans for the same.”

The president’s approval numbers aren’t good in Texas, and Gov. Rick Perry has repeatedly sought to link Obama and White.

The Austin event will raise money for the Democratic National Committee and the Houston event for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. An e-mail that’s circulating about the Austin fundraiser says it will be held at the Four Seasons.
Nothing but the best for those rich Democrats. Considering how radioactive Obama is they should hold these events in fallout shelters.

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