Monday, July 19, 2010

'He's the Most Disliked Person in the Building By a Factor of 10'

Frankly, I'm surprised it's only by a factor of 10. Maybe nobody asked the women there how they feel about this creep.
Keith Olbermann "is despised at MSNBC," Tucker Carlson tells "He's the most disliked person in the building by a factor of 10." Carlson bought the Web site just to drive him crazier. The site redirects to Carlson's site,, saying, "We Own You, Keith." Carlson also owns, which he uses as a personal e-mail address. "We were confident that Keith knew so little about the Internet that he wouldn't notice," Carlson told Page Six. But he did, and started tweeting Thursday morning about taking legal action against Carlson for buying the domain name. Olbermann told us, "If I were Tucker Carlson, I'd pretend to be somebody else, too." Carlson said, "I don't have any malice toward Olbermann. I feel sorry for him.
Never ever feel sorry for a maniac like him.

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