Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Is Palin So Popular? Blame Her Critics

Boston Herald columnist Joe Fitzgerald has figured out why people are attracted to Sarah Palin. The bile and venom directed her way by the angry left has made people realize why she's more normal and down to earth than most politicians.
If you wonder why so many Americans are attracted to Sarah Palin, just take a look at the crowd now nipping at her heels, doing its best to derail her appeal through personal attacks that are scurrilous.

She’s been a mayor and a governor, yet they say she lacks experience, though they remain enthralled by a loquacious president whose own resume was barren by comparison.

She’s a happily married mother of five, one a soldier who served in harm’s way, another a son born with Down syndrome, meaning she understands what it means to live life on life’s terms.

Of course, the kid who gets all the media attention is the one whose life was filled with the bumps and bruises of a rocky relationship, as if that should be the measure of her mother’s viability. It’s unconscionable. On either side of the political spectrum, common decency demands you don’t advance your cause by using a candidate’s kid as a punching bag.

Palin has many ways to incense her critics, yet they all seem to endear her to the masses.

She doesn’t believe in killing unborn babies, and feels marriage is the union of a man and a woman, an institution defined and ordained by God. For this, she’s called hateful.

She believes immigrants ought to submit to an established process that would lead to legal citizenship. For this, she’s called divisive.

She’s not ashamed to admit her life is informed by her faith, which was nurtured in the Assembly of God Church, the fastest-growing denomination in this country. This offends her critics, who thought it was no big deal when they heard their would-be president’s pastor hollering, “God damn America!”

Now they vilify her for opposing the construction of a mosque on the hallowed grounds where thousands of Americans were killed by madmen declaring, “All praise to Allah!”
The critics couldn't argue with her point on the mosque and instead showed their childish ways by harping on a type on her Twitter post.They're the ones looking pretty stupid these days.

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