Monday, July 26, 2010

Self-Important Rocker Whines About Being Left Off Celebrity List

You'd think he'd be content to live the life of luxury and count his millions. But no, Jon Bon Jovi apparently needs his ego stroked by being put on a list of top celebrities.
Jon Bon Jovi is furious that he failed to make it onto two widely followed 2010 Forbes magazine top celebrity lists.

The singer was left off the much-publicized "Power 100" roster of the world's most powerful celebrities in June topped by Oprah Winfrey. Then he was aghast when he didn't make it onto the "Musicians' Rich List," led by rival rockers U2 last week.

A source told us: "Jon kicked up a huge fuss and got his people to complain. He couldn't understand why he didn't make the musicians list since Bon Jovi has been touring nonstop since February. Their contemporaries U2 and Bruce Springsteen were on the list. Even Britney Spears was No. 5, and she hasn't done anything this year."

Forbes' list of 12 of 2010's top-earning musicians came out on July 16. U2 was top with an estimated $130 million earned on worldwide tour. Next came AC/DC with $114 million and Beyoncé Knowles with $87 million. Springsteen came in fourth with $70 million, and Spears -- who's barely worked since her "Circus" world tour ended in November -- placed fifth with $64 million.

Forbes confirmed to Page Six that Bon Jovi's people had complained and explained: "Forbes estimated each act's earnings between June 2009 and June 2010 and included revenue streams such as concert dates, merchandise sales, licensing fees, music sales, and publishing royalties. Bon Jovi didn't tour for eight of those months." The group's two-year world tour started in February this year, with 28 dates played before the Forbes deadline.
Who knows, maybe hanging around a notorious chakra releaser has tarnished his image.

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