Monday, July 19, 2010

Racist USDA Hack Speaks With NAACP

Andrew Breitbart drops another nuclear bomb on the race pimps. Of course the networks (except Fox) won't touch this, but it's just a reminder that we're now dealing with a federal government whose attitude is only slightly better than Robert Mugabe.

If there's justice is this world -- a huge if -- this racist pig would be unemployed by the end of business today and would be sued by the white farmer.

No doubt the first reaction from the racists at the NAACP will be to ask how Breitbart got the tape and demanding to know who "snitched" on this bloated bigot, who now moves to the ehad of the class as the face of the Obama Administration.

Update: Wow, she actually resigned. The NAACP is apparently unavailable for comment.

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