Thursday, July 22, 2010

British Police Seek Owner of Penis

Maybe they ought to just round up some suspects and do a lineup.
A person who put up enlarged photographs of male private parts around a town in Sussex is being sought by police.

Several large images of a man's penis with a yellow bow tied around it have been taken down from car parks and places close to schools in Lewes.

Sussex police have interviewed people at offices close to where the A3 and A4-sized images were found.

The posters have also been sent off for fingerprint analysis.

The force is also investigating whether it is some sort of protest, as a number of the images included a caption which read: "Fees set to rise later this year."
Meanwhile, in other penis news out of England, a transvestite was caught having sex with a dog at a popular tourist attraction.

Celebrating diversity, I guess.

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