Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally, Time to Relax: Obama to Vacation in Florida

Man, this guy has just been so busy and never gets any down time. SO nice to see the hole plugger get away for a little rest, relaxation and an endless series of photo ops.
The White House announced Thursday that President Obama and the first family will be vacationing next month on the Florida Gulf Coast.

President Obama and the first lady have both made trips down to the area since the spill began. Both Barack and Michelle have encouraged people to come vacation here and see for themselves how beautiful our beaches are.

President Obama has made four trips to the Gulf Coast since the crude crisis began. His fifth trip however will be one for pleasure. Something locals say is a huge help to the economy.
Of course some locals, obviously racist, are suspicious.

"I would have to say I really don't think he is doing it for a good reason. I think he is just trying to get more publicity and try to get his campaign and more people to vote for him next year."
My, my. Maybe we need a Cynicism Summit to help dispel the notion this guy is a slacker just looking some some good publicity.

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