Monday, July 19, 2010

Oops: Indonesian Muslims Have Been Facing the Wrong Way While Praying

Maybe we ought to have an outreach program or something to make them feel better about their idiocy. After all, they've made so many contributions to mankind we must help assuage their hurt feelings.
PEOPLE in the world's most populous Muslim nation have been facing Africa - not Mecca - while praying.

Indonesia's highest Islamic body acknowledged today it made a mistake when issuing an edict in March saying the holy city in Saudi Arabia was to the country's west. It has since asked followers to shift direction slightly northward during their daily prayers.

"After a thorough study with some cosmography and astronomy experts, we learned they've been facing southern Somalia and Kenya," said Ma'ruf Amin, a prominent cleric of the Indonesian Ulema Council, or MUI.

"We've revised it now to the northwest."

He said Indonesians need not worry, however: The miscalculation did not affect God's ability to hear their prayers.

"God understands that humans make mistakes," he said.
I'm surprised they're not praying toward their hero.

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