Monday, September 03, 2007

Bush Goes to Iraq, Left Seethes

i imagine if he just flew over Iraq on his way to Australia, these twits would say he deosn't care about the troops.

Well, President Bush stops and visits Anbar, and they whine like babies anyway.

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq
Bush stopped in Iraq ahead of his visit to Australia for an economic summit with Asia-Pacific leaders. The trip was a closely held secret for obvious security reasons, although speculation about the trip arose late last month when first lady Laura Bush said she was staying home to tend to a pinched nerve in her neck.

The president, who also went to Iraq at Thanksgiving 2003 and in June 2006, was scheduled to leave for Australia on Monday, but Air Force One took off from Andrews Air Force Base Sunday evening instead.

He was joined by his top advisers, including National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley. Defense Secretary Robert Gates was traveling there separately. The mission to shore up support for the war was shared with only a small circle of White House staffers and members of the media, who were told that if news of his trip leaked early, it would be scrapped.
Cue the whining.

More from Jules Crittenden, who also notes another drop in combat deaths. I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything about this. I recall AP being giddy over the body count on August 7.

UPDATE: Much more at Memeorandum.

UPDATE II: Bush addresses the troops, on Fox no less. I guess they were forced to cheer.

Via Hot Air.

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