Thursday, September 13, 2007

They were for him before they were against him

The far left is working on their next attack on Gen Petraeus. In browsing the liberal, progressive, communists (whatever) websites this morning they all have one common theme. They are touting an article written by a guy named Gareth Porter in which he describes a dust up between Admiral Fallon, Chief of CENTCOM, and Gen Petraeus back in March. According to the article the Admiral uses some less then flattering terms to describe Petraeus and in particular his plan to surge US forces in Iraq. There is even hints that Sen Webb (D-VA), will try to call him to testify before congress. The basic disagreement is Fallon is against the surge and Pertraeus, as we all know was for it. Regardless of political leanings I think it is fairly obvious who was correct. Of course being an old Army guy I ain't too keen on some Navy guy making tactical decisions for the Army. One branch has boots on the ground and the other is bobbing around the oceans far removed. Yes I know the Marines are a part of the Navy.
In reading the article however I found one portion that actually deflates the argument that this administration is bull headed and single minded in it's decision making process regarding the war in Iraq and the larger war on Islamic radicals.
The conflict between Fallon and Petraeus over Iraq came to a head in early September. According to the Post story, Fallon expressed views on Iraq that were sharply at odds with those of Petraeus in a three-way conversation with Bush on Iraq the previous weekend. Petraeus argued for keeping as many troops in Iraq for as long as possible to cement any security progress, but Fallon argued that a strategic withdrawal from Iraq was necessary to have sufficient forces to deal with other potential threats in the region.
So the president listened to both sides, saw that the current method wasn't working and decided to give the Petraeus plan a chance. Now that it appears to be working and we can only hope the Iraqi government takes the chance to make some progress, as much as the operations on the ground have, those on the opposite side of the argument are venting.
Until the Dems actually condemn the actions of groups like moveon and if Webb insists on bringing this Admiral in front of congress to vent his anger over being upstaged by a subordinate, then the enemies of this country will continue to enjoy their propaganda successes, or as we call them in the military, psy-ops campaign.

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