Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cowardly Dems Hold 'Stealth Care' Meetings

It hasn't been a good week for Congressional Democrats. Wherever they go, "angry mobs" of little old ladies and "mobsters in Brooks Brothers suits" pop up to ask inconvenient questions of them at town hall meetings, questions such as "why haven't you read the bill you're voting for?"

Democracy can be messy, folks, which is probably why most Democrats seem to prefer socialism, where opposition can simply be silenced and crushed.

So it should come as no surprise now that these fearless leaders ready to herd you into a government boondoggle beyond our wildest nightmares have sunk so low as to hold their "town hall meetings" in private and in some cases with no advance notice.

How's that for change, suckers?
New York lawmakers are taking extraordinary steps to make sure their "town hall" meetings on health care don't become angry shouting matches or embarrassing clips on YouTube -- in some cases turning events into private, invitation-only affairs.

A handful of Democratic members of Congress across the country, including Rep. Tim Bishop of Long Island, have gotten booed and shouted down by crowds at meetings with their constituents, in what some charge is a coordinated nationwide effort by opponents.

But several area lawmakers are taking steps to minimize the chance that health-care critics will be able to protest.

* Rep. Steve Israel (D-LI) held a health-care "roundtable" Thursday night, but made the event "invitation only."

An Israel staffer who had been asked in advance about any planned town-hall meetings didn't respond to a Post inquiry until after the event was over.

* Rep. Scott Murphy of the Albany area didn't send out a release about a Tuesday health meeting until the next day, after the event was over.

The release described the event as a "small business roundtable" with business leaders.

The event wasn't included in the public schedule Murphy's office put out in advance.
So here we are in New York, an overwhelmingly blue state, and Democrats are too afraid to even hold public meetings. Do they not stop for even a second and ask why their constituents might not want to be forced into a government-run operation that they themselves aren't fully clear about?

But no, they have their marching orders from Queen Pelosi and King Obama and damn the people who elected them.

This is not the democratic process. Indeed, it's mob rule, the mob reigns from Washington and you peasants better just get out of the way and shut up.

These Democrats who don't want to bother meeting the people who elected them may not have such concerns any longer once the 2010 midterms roll around. They'll have plenty of time on their hands when they're booted from office.

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